Project Sona

Inexpensive aftermarket blind-spot object detection system

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Don't need to buy a new car when you can buy Project Sona

Project Sona
$19.99 pack
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Beautiful UI
  • Modular
  • Open-Source


Project sona is less than $100 because it uses tried and true components and is 100% open source.


Using a topological network, project sona ensures that if one node is down it alerts the central unit so you can see what's happening in real time.


Project sona has the ability to interface with existing self driving tools like for a true self driving car experience.

Team Members

These people make our company great!

Jodie Weldon

Embedded Engineer

Developed the Supervisory Embedded Controller that handles all incoming readings and dealt with filtering techniques such as a moving average filter.

Sam Wheating

Embedded Engineer

Developed the ultrasonic range finder and rf transmitter for each sona node. Also made the sona logo

Marc Laventure


High level architecture of project sona and designed the user interface.

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